Hoppin’ Tots Pre-School Gymnastics Classes

Hoppin Tot gymnast
Hoppin Tot squat to roll-down wedge

Highly innovative movement education program involving gymnastics principles for boys and girls ages 1-6. The curriculum is designed to develop agility, coordination, physical fitness and self-reliance through positive physical experiences.

Benefits of Pre-School Program:

  • Structured social development
  • Motor skill learning
  • Self-awareness
  • Independence
  • Physical development
  • Introduction to lifelong fitness habits

To create a fun and challenging environment for every student, children are placed into a class that best suits their needs, maturation and physical ability.

Parent Participation Classes:

Working with a professional coach, these classes are designed for parents to help guide learning, provide

Little Tad open pike with mom
Little Tad open pike with mom

encouragement and share in the fun. It’s a perfect opportunity to interact with your child in a fitness-related activity.

  • Tiny Tads (45 minutes) Ages 10 – 24 months old.
  • Little Tads (45 minutes) Ages 24 – 42 months old
  • Play Group (60 minutes) Ages 1 ½ — 4 years old

Independent Participation Classes:

These classes allow students to work with a new adult (teacher/coach) and learn to trust that separation from their parent is O.K. for a short time!  Skills and circuits grow gradually more complicated as the children mature and become ready to advance into EnVision’s Flip-Tastics Program for school-aged children.

  • Tadpoles (45 minutes) Ages 3 — 4 years.  Must be potty trained, able to separate and follow basic directions.
  • Pollywogs (60 minutes) Ages 4 to 5 years.  Will start Kindergarten next school year.
  • Leap Frogs (60 minutes) Ages 5 to 6 years.  Currently attending Kindergarten.

For class times, visit our Hoppin’ Tots Schedule.  To schedule a free trial class, call us at 609-261-1140


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