The Ninja Zone Has Arrived at Envision

Ninja Zone @ Envision GymnasticsThe Ninja Zone is an all new sport discipline inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training and street dance. It embodies discipline, focused energy and skills.

  • Obstacle courses for strength and agility
  • Ninja training. Ninja style flips, rolls, kicks and vaults just like you see on video games and movies!
  • Gymnastics tumbling for total body coordination

Beyond skill, our curriculum teaches

  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Being part of a group
  • Impulse control

Ninja Zone offers a progression level system that evaluates and advances children based on skills and knowledge of core values. The levels are defined by the headband colors – white, yellow, green and blue.

Fun and safety go hand-in-hand.  As a licensed club, all Envision Ninja Zone coaches are fully trained on technical skill, equipment and pro-active safety according to guidelines set forth by USA Gymnastics.

Ninja Zone classes are currently available for boys age 4 ½ to 11. Girls classes are coming soon. For class times, visit our Ninja Zone schedule.

Discover why kids everywhere are hooked on Ninja Zone!

Call us at 609-261-1140 to learn more or to schedule a free trial class with one of our instructors.

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