Vortex Cheer Competition Teams

Vortex Cheerleading Junior SquadAll Star cheerleading is a team competition sport that involves tumbling, stunting, pyramids, dance and cheer segments.  Competition squads are ideal for girls and boys who love tumbling and want to put those skills to work in a competitive, team-based environment.

Cheer squads perform routines and compete with other teams at local, regional and national competitions.

Envision supports multiple teams for all ages and skill levels (Level 1 to 5).  We also offer an exhibition squad to introduce your young tumbler to competitive cheerleading.  Here are common skill requirements for different teams:

Level 1 Vortex Mini-Exhibition Squad

  • Tumbling (standing) – forward/backward rolls, front/back walkovers
  • Tumbling (running) – cartwheels, round-offs
  • Stunting – Two-leg elevator, one-leg below shoulder level

Level 2 

  • Tumbling (standing) – single back handspring
  • Tumbling (running) – series back handsprings
  • Stunting – Two-leg extension, one-leg prep level

Level 3 

  • Tumbling (standing) – series back handsprings
  • Tumbling (running) – back/front tucks
  • Stunting – Two-leg single twist from extension, one-leg straight cradle

Participation on Cheer Squads included:

  • High quality instruction in tumbling, stunting and dance from expert coaches
  • Small group attention
  • Competitions – local, regional and national

Acceptance into competitive cheerleading is by invitation or evaluation. To learn more or schedule a tryout, call us at (609) 261-1140

Tryouts are held annually in May, practices begin in June and the competition season runs from September through February.  Note: exhibition mini-squad practices begin in September vs. June.

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