Cheer Tumble Skills for Today’s Cheerleaders!

Whether participating on a school squad or all-star team, today’s cheerleader needs tumbling skills. Classes are designed to maximize safety and proper technique while helping cheerleaders achieve their tumbling goals.

Not simply ‘pitch and catch’ sessions, our instructors use tumbling drills, strength exercises, tumble tracks, trampolines, skill shapes, an air floor and spotting belts to help with front and back tumbling progressions.

Tumbling classes follow sound tumbling progressions as recommended  by the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches & Administrators and the United States All-Star Federation safety standards – so your cheerleader will safely achieve the skills when strength, courage,  and proper skill progression allows.

Attend class as an individual or let us design a “custom package” to accommodate your squad at a reduced rate.  If you have any questions as to which level is most appropriate for your cheerleader, call us at (609) 261-1140 to request an evaluation.

Cheer Tumble Classes from Beginner to Advanced

From beginner to advance, we offer several different levels of tumbling classes and two different lengths to fit with practices and tight schedules. Some classes are a ‘mixed’ level to prevent the cheerleader from having to switch classes too often – especially helpful when carpooling!

BEGINNER (1 hr class) – Age 6-9. With limited or no experience, this class works on handstands, cartwheels, and limbers which are all progressions to back handsprings, front handsprings and round offs.

BEGINNER / NEW INTERMEDIATE (1 hr class) – Age 10 & Up. This class works on all the beginner progressions for tumbling plus works with the new intermediate level tumbler on new back handspring skills on trampoline or a wedge.

INTERMEDIATE (1 hr class) – Age 6-9. This class is geared towards the younger cheerleader who is able to independently perform a back handspring down a wedge mat or with a light spot on the floor. This level works on moving tumbling skills to the floor and connecting it to other skills.

ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE (1 hr class) – All ages.  All participants should be fairly confident in their back handsprings on the floor and be able to perform running back handspring passes with a minimal spot.  Tucks will be worked as skill levels allow.

ADVANCED (1 hr class) – All ages.  Participants should be confidently performing running tumbling passes with minimal spotting for tucks and above. Layouts and twisting will be worked as skill levels allow.

For class times, visit our Cheer Tumble Schedule.

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