Choosing a gymnastics or cheerleading program and facility for your child, is an important decision.   Program curriculums and emphasis vary.  So do the facilities.  Take the time to evaluate options.

Below is a checklist of questions to help with this decision.  We’ve also included relevant information regarding EnVision Gymnastics.

Does the facility have certified, caring instructors?

 EnVision is a member of USAG and USAIGC. Our instructors are USAG Safety Certified and many have KAT Training, 1st Aid, CPR, and ASEP training.  Our instructors also have backgrounds in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, or education and most importantly, LOVE working with children!

Is the facility clean and sanitary for children?

We clean our lobby and restrooms twice daily and clean and sanitize our mats several times per week.  EnVision does not stop there. We are also serviced by a nationally recognized company who fogs our facilities with the same germicide that many hospitals and day care centers use!  Furthermore, we have hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrances to the gym and all door handles and public “touch” places are wiped down and sprayed with Lysol daily.

Do they use a sound curriculum based on education, experience, and safety?         

EnVision’s innovative curriculums are based on national standards that deliver the safest, most effective results!  In addition, EnVision also utilizes the Powerful Words Character Development Program developed specifically for EnVision by  nationally-recognized Child Development Specialist, Dr. Robyn Sliverman. So children who attend EnVision learn much more than just flips and cartwheels! 

How long have they been in business?

EnVision has been enriching children’s lives since 1989; first as Vision Gymnastics, then in 2001 as EnVision Gymnastics. 

Do they break down classes into levels and appropriate age groupings?

EnVision offers more than 20 different age groups and levels so that each child can be placed into a class that will allow them to be successful!

How about customer service and office hours?

We have a staffed front office five full days per week and during class hours on Saturdays and Sundays during the school year.  Getting in touch with us by phone, email or our parent portal is easy and convenient!

What is their reputation?

Did you ask around?  Voted Best of Burlington County for six straight years, most of our customers come from referrals from our happy families.   EnVision is also recognized as a Gold Medal Children’s Activity Center by the Character Counts Coalition (part of the Josephson Institute for Ethics) and had to pass their stringent standards to gain that designation!

Do they provide different types of equipment to suit different ages and levels of students?

EnVision has a vast array of skill shapes and equipment made to accommodate a one-year-old working on balance skills, right up to a competitive gymnast learning to flip on the balance beam!  We recognize that one size does NOT fit all so we provide the appropriate tools for success for all of our students!

Are they recognized by the Better Business Bureau?

EnVision Gymnastics, in recognition of its’ outstanding and fair business practices, is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

What is their Philosophy of Business?

EnVision’s mission is to support children in reaching their potential with respect to their own goals through mastery and refinement of skills. We are committed to assist each child develop lifelong fitness habits, resilience, coordination, self-discipline, confidence, time management, and a Powerful Character!

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Gymnastics Programs: 10 Things Parents Should Consider
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