Envision USAG Competitive Team Program

USA Gymnastics TeamsIntense, highly-competitive program is for girls who have the skills, passion and commitment to be an elite gymnast.  Advancement is based on development of compulsory skills on vault, bars, beam and floor and ‘optional’ elements when gymnasts reach higher levels.

Our USAG program is headed up by Ioulia Weller, who competed against Russia’s best, and knows what it takes to bring girls to that elite level.

Participation in the USA Gymnastics Team is by invitation or evaluation. The minimum age to compete at sanctioned USAG events is 6 years old.

USAG Levels

Prep Group (age 3-5).  Perfect place for your aspiring couch-flipper to get the proper instruction to channel that home tornado energy into a fun, constructive, and non-competitive outlet.

Level 1 & 2: Still a few years away from competing, our Level 1’s and 2’s are taught discipline, focus, along with the skills needed for competitive gymnastics! Here are some of the skill requirements that are developed at this stage:

  • Bars – pullover, cast, back hip circle, leg cut, mill circle, single leg basket swing, squat on to pike sole-circle OR under-swing dismount
  • Beam – ump to front support mount, arabesque to 30 degrees, lever, ½ pivot turn, stretch jump, cartwheel to side handstand dismount
  • Floor – handstand, round-off, backward roll, bridge back kick-over, split jump with 60 degree leg separation, 90 degree heel snap turn
  • Vault – jump to handstand on mat stack and fall to flat back

Level 3 & 4: These girls are just breaking in to the competitive game. Basic skills, strength and flexibility are the focus at these levels. They compete using compulsory routines, meaning all gymnasts within the United States perform the same routines. Here are some of the skill requirements for Level 3 and 4.

Level 3

  • Bars – pullover, front hip circle, single leg squat through, forward stride circle or single leg basket swing, back hip circle, under-swing dismount.
  • Beam – handstand, leap with 90 degree split, straight jump, side handstand dismount
  • Floor – split jump, handstand forward roll, handstand to a bridge to a kickover, leap with 90 degree split, backward roll to a pushup position, round-off back handspring
  • Vault – handstand flat back onto mat stack

Level 4

  • Bars – straddle or pike glide kip, cast to horizontal, squat on, long hang kip, back hip circle
  • Beam – cartwheel, split leap to 120 degrees, handstand, split jump to 120 degrees, cartwheel to side handstand, ¼ turn dismount
  • Floor – straddle jump with 120 degree split, front handspring to two feet, back extension roll, back walkover, round-off back-handspring
  • Vault – front handspring

Level 5 & 6: These girls are among the most dedicated group we have in our gym and perform as such at competitions.  Skill difficulty increases and routines go from compulsory (level 5) to optional (level 6) – gymnasts routines are individualized.

Level 5

  • Vault – front handspring
  • Bars – kip, cast to above horizontal, clear hip to above horizontal, back sole circle to clear front support or back stalder circle to clear front support, backward sole circle, squat on, long hang kip, long hang pullover, tap swings, flyaway dismount.
  • Beam – back walkover or back extension roll or back handspring step out, straight leg leap to 150 degrees, split jump, sissonne, cartwheel to side handstand, ¼ turn dismount
  • Floor – straddle jump, stretch jump with full turn, front handspring step out, front handspring to two feet, front tuck, leap (150 degree), full turn, round-off back handspring back tuck.

Level 6

  • Vault – front handspring
  • Bars – 1 bar change, 360 circling element (under-swing, clear hip circle, stalder circle or hecht), minimum “A” dismount.
  • Beam – 1 acro element that starts and finishes on the beam, 1 leap/jump requiring 180 degree split, 360 degree turn on one foot, minimum “A” dismount
  • Floor – 1 acro series with minimum of 3 directly connected flight elements with or without hand support, 1 salto or aerial acro element, dance passage with minimum of 2 different leaps, jumps or hops (1 must be 180 degree split), 360 degree turn on one foot.

Level 7+

Routines at Levels 7-10 are all optional and choreographed to bring out the unique personality and skills of each gymnast.  Difficulty levels on vault, bars, beam and floor are expanded from A and B levels to C – E levels.

To learn more or to schedule an evaluation, call us at (609) 261-1140

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